Italian town offers to pay your rent if you move there

Italian town offers to pay your rent if you move there

February 28, 2020 Off By rogersellsseattle

Recently we reported on an Italian town that was selling houses for as little as £1 as long as new residents committed to living there with their families and renovating the homes.

It was one of many similar schemes in the country to help empty or underfunded towns rebuild and regenerate, allowing newcomers to enjoy reduced prices and beautiful scenery.

The latest in schemes is from a place called Teora, which is in the Campania region of Southern Italy.

The mayor of the town is now offering a major incentive for people moving there, this time paying the rent of those who emigrate to Teora.

Mayor Stefano Farina decided not to opt for the £1 house scheme and hopes that, instead, this offer will keep people around for longer and stop them simply buying the properties as holiday homes and leaving.

To qualify, people who move there have to commit to staying for three years and already have at least one child upon application.

It’s also not the complete total cost of your rent, but it’s pretty close. You can apply for up to £125 a month for two years towards your cost of living, with houses in Teora costing from £150. Slightly less than London prices, anyway.

If you are intent on buying, you can also apply for a grant of up to £4,150 as a lump sum, with the cost of buying in the area roughly £25,000 and upwards.

Mayor Stefano Farina told CNN Travel: ‘I don’t believe in selling empty houses for 1 euro, that doesn’t incentivise people to stay in town.

‘They just come a few months a year as holiday-makers. That’s not the solution.

‘But taking up residency and enrolling kids at the local school, that does breathe new life.’

At the base of Mount Cresta de Gallo and near the Amalfi Coast and Puglia, you might be surprised why they’d be offering such a great deal.

Although the town is a beautiful and picturesque place to live, an earthquake in 1980 killed 157 residents, and saw many people leaving to higher and safer ground.

Mayor Farina now claims that, for every two babies born in Teora year, 20 people die, and they’re keen to ensure the town doesn’t die out eventually too.

Some of the houses available are in great condition, and others even come fully furnished, with Mayor Farina stating that they may cost less to renovate and live in than those bought through previous £1 housing schemes.

If you want to be in with a chance, you can apply by emailing the Teora Town Hall’s office via email.

You’ll have to be quick to get your hands on a property, though, as people have already been in touch.

Mayor Farina continues: ‘So far two Italian families have settled down and one from Brazil with Italian roots. They even brought along the grandparents.’